Mark Lees

My name is Mark & I’ve been Trapping Signal Crayfish for the last 7 years.

It came about when my Dad was watching a cookery programme and the subject of the Crayfish came up. Free mini Lobsters, and in the middle of the country, surely not. With a few phone calls made to the Environment Agency to check on our local river, traps bought and licensed, off we went. It started off in my mind as an interest for Mum and Dad who are both retired and have a bit of spare time for a walk along the river.

That idea went straight out of the window when on my first overnight dip with just two traps I caught 4kg of them. We took them home and after the initial fear of the most humane way to cook them have been cooking and devising new recipes for them over the last 7 years.

‘Doing what we can for our Rivers’

We are a family run business in Milton Keynes. We specialise in the trapping and supplying of signal Crayfish which we distribute through Farmers Markets, Country Shows and other various events throughout the UK. Our business came about as a result of the invasion of Signal Crayfish in UK rivers and canals and with your help we can start to slow down the devastating effects they are having on our waters.

See more about Mark’s products and recipies on his website.