We are expecting in excess of 40 Exhibitors/Stall holders for this popular event. Conscious of the current economical climate, our Pitch/Stall prices have been set as competitively as possible and prices start from £40 inclusive of VAT per day.

All exhibitors/Stall holders are accepted on a first come first served basis and at the discretion of the Festival Management team.  If it is decided that there are too many exhibitors in any product group, the Exhibitor/Stall holders that applied last, will be asked to cancel their booking, be given a full refund and will be placed on a priority acceptance list for next year.

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For more information on exhibitors stand costs and set up details please click here.

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All food stalls must hold a current Food Hygiene rating of 3 or above. Any Stalls selling alcohol will need a license to do so.

Check out our licensing guidelines here.

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